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Founded in 1965, INDUMAT is specialised in the development, the production and the distribution of all kind of flexible hoses. The hoses are assembled to your liking and preferences in our workshops. We at INDUMAT offer the right solution for water, gas, air, oil-products and some food-products. We are also specialised in cable protection conduits.

Do you work in this industry? Our team is at your disposal to make an offer for all kinds of flexible hoses.

Flexible hose by application field

Flexible hoses with extensive range of core materials for many different applications 

Gas hoses

For fuel gas and cooking appliances

Plumbing hoses

Flexible plumbing hoses for tap water installation

Heater hoses

Hoses for heater, boiler and induction units.

Oil hoses

For burners and versatile uses

Food hoses

Flexible hoses for food products

Chemical hoses

Flexible pipes for chemicals

Industrial hoses

Flexible hoses for industry

Solar hoses

Stainless steel flexible hoses for solar systems

Thermoplastic tubes

Thermoplastic precision tubes and conduits (RoHS)
Icon for air hoses

Air hoses

Hoses for cold and hot air
Icon for suction hoses

Suction hoses

Suction hoses and supply hoses for cereals, wood chips and pharmaceutical products


Metal and rubber compensators and expansion joints

Metal hoses

Flexible hoses for industry and solar energy

Plastic hoses

Flexible hoses for food products, chemicals and industry

Rubber hoses

Flexible hoses for the building sector and industry

Flexible hose fittings 

Technical fittings for all assemblies

Stainless steel fittings

Fittings for the food, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical sector

Brass fittings

Fittings for the sanitary sector, heating and water treatment

Steel fittings

Fittings for the building sector and industry

Plastic fittings

Fittings for the food and industrial sector

Flexible conduit for cable protection  

Flexible cable protective conduits, connectors, cable glands and industrial electrical boxes 

Flexible protective conduits

Flexible protective conduits made of plastic or metal, with custom accessories

Conduit connectors

Custom metal and plastic fittings for protective conduits

Pipe cable conduits

Steel pipe cable conduits, custom cable glands and accessories

Cable glands and
electrical boxes

Metal and plastic cable glands, industrial boxes and accessories

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