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50 years of innovation in the field of flexible hoses

Your fluid connector specialist offers you a wide range of flexible hoses and couplings

For 50 years, INDUMAT is your specialist for the development, the production and the distribution of all kind of flexible hoses and fittings. The hoses are assembled to your liking and preferences in our workshops. Through years of experience INDUMAT offers you a wide range of flexible hoses for every application.

You can find the right solution for natural gas, hot water, drinking water connections, central heating connections, HVAC connections, heating oil, air, food and the transportation of many other liquids. We are also specialised in cable protection conduits.

INDUMAT always strives for a very high quality standard so that a long life of our products is guaranteed. Do you work in this industry? Our team is at your disposal to make an offer for all kinds of flexible hoses.


 The team of INDUMAT has developed a paperless office for a healthier planet

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