Flexible hose catalog

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Suction and ventilation hose in conductive PE fabric - AEROCLIMA® CLIP PE-EL C70 - 542010070
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Electrically conductive PE film hose Ro ≤ 10^6 Ω for air intake and transport.
Made of polyethylene (PE) fibre with a PE coating on both sides.
Set with a galvanized steel spiral band.
Very flexible, lightweight and highly compressible (1:6).
Surface resistance Ro ≤ 10^4 Ω
Temperatures from -20 °C to +70 °C.
Suitable for the extraction of chemical vapours.
LD-PE HOSE - Groundwater flexible hose in polyethylene - KIWA KQ-563
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Groundwater sampling flexible hose in polyethylene (LD-PE).
- Detection of soil pollution
- Determination of the level of contamination
Available in different diameters.
Suction and ventilation hose in PE fabric - AEROCLIMA® CLIP PE C80 - 542000080
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Hose for supply and extraction of air.
In polyethylene fibre (PE) with PE coating on both sides.
With galvanized steel helical band.
Highly flexible, lightweight and very compressible (1:6).
Temperatures -40 °C to +80 °C.
Also suitable for vacuum devices for asbestos extraction.